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    Devblog 173

    17 Agosto 2017 , by admin

    More small monuments and AI progress, recoil updates on more guns and some performance and spawn improvements. Read more

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    Rust – devblog-172

    10 Agosto 2017 , by admin

    Roadmap For a long time we’ve had people complaining that we’re floating without a plan, adding features on a whim with no real end goal. And to be honest that’s not 100% untrue. Sometimes we get distracted and work on things for fun that don’t ever push the development towards the finish line. But we’ve always had the... Read more

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    Rust – community-update-...

    8 Agosto 2017 , by admin

    Welcome After going rogue last week (No! I do not mean ‘rouge’, spell-checker. Stop asking!), all is well again. Here we are with the header image, casually yoinked from Valkix/TDM on Steam. It’s always fun to break up the blog pages with different art styles, and this is a very cartoonish view of Rust. I had to crop it slightly,.... Read more

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    Rust – devblog-171

    3 Agosto 2017 , by admin

    Learnable Recoil Patterns (!) Everyone was bitching about how awful recoil was, so I switched it over to use aimcones. Then everyone bitched about how awful aimcones were, so I’ve started implementing a learnable recoil system (similar to what you might find in games like CS:GO). Ours is different because it’s not the aimcone that is ch... Read more

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    Rust – community-update-...

    1 Agosto 2017 , by admin

    Welcome Usually you’ll get an explanation of what the header image is about in this section, but I’m going rogue today. I don’t know if you can go rogue from your own rules, or if I’ll end up like a cat chasing its tail, but let’s see. I was on the hunt for a fun video when I spotted “RUST... Read more

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