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Hi Hurtworldians,

Hotfix is now live on the experimental branch. This update includes a bunch of balance and bug fixes that should make the entire progression playable again.

We are aware that there will be bogus items in circulation due to the workbench refund issue. We have decided not to wipe the servers today and instead leave the savegames intact for a couple more days of chaos and wipe on Friday with some additional enhancements.

This will push out our next wipe cycle by one week, making the next wipe / patch for experimental after this Friday on the 25th of August.

Full Changelog
  • Mondinium and Rich Titranium resource nodes in the snow biome are now mineable with the Titranium pickaxe
  • Concrete costs reduced by 2/3rds
  • Workbenches now return their correct type after disassembly
  • Bors in the second biome now inflict attack damage
  • The general crafter machine will now place correctly and won’t turn into an ammunition crafter on your client
  • Roaches and Kangas can now be disassembled again
  • Standing under certain houses will no longer heal you
  • Reduced owrong seed world item size and fixed missing construction hammer mesh when equipped
  • Increase speed that tools lose durability
  • Fixed fail hit response on vehicle deconstruction
  • Rebalanced vehicle wrench durability
  • Rebalanced gasoline cost to require less ash
  • Fixed machine icons in workbenches

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