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Hi Hurtworldians,

This patch focuses on refining the balance of last weeks release, works on making the new map easier to navigate and aims to resolve most of the remaining major bugs.

This patch will include a wipe on official experimental servers to clear out any remaining items that should not exist as a result of the bugs earlier this week.

We are confident this wipe will last the full 2 week cycle and is starting to get to a point of decent balance and stability to sink some time into.


Full Change Log
  • Adjusted workbench visuals to better match their names and reflect their colors in their icon
  • Fixed radiation effect not being removed
  • Rebalanced resource drop rates for higher level drops to stay in sane ranges, recipe costs have automatically adjusted to be the same time investment per item, just drop and cost numbers will be lower.
  • Player customisation options are now stored in server saves as well as the last configuration being stored locally. If no configuration is found on the server it will fall back to the last used configuration instead
  • Improvised bow has been given custom colors to distinguish it from the wood bow
  • Rancid steaks now stack
  • Drastically reduced C4 costs
  • Longbow has been given a new look
  • Reduced scale of iron ore world item to match the other ores
  • Added new arrow crafting recipes at each workbench tier using tier appropriate resources
  • Construction now uses intermediate resources for all types similar to planks. Stone crafts into Stone Bricks, Shaped Iron crafts into Armor Panels.
  • Made Concrete cheaper
  • Building from Stone, Wood and Iron now end up more expensive
  • Fixed not being able to shoot the driver of a roach
  • Did another pass on item durability for bows and tools
  • Made AWM more expensive
  • Setup color mask on AWM, set default color to sexy stock green
  • Resource nodes should disappear in front of you much less
  • Mangatang Changes
  • – Added several more unique features and buildings to map areas
  • – Increased animal spawns
  • – Added several new dirt roads

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