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In today’s experimental patch we have 2 new creatures rolling out into mangatang, the Dart Bug and the Antor. These guys are still in pretty early stages of balance and development, we will be iterating on them over the next few releases.

Unlike most creatures the Antors (flying insects) spawn around hives that will appear randomly throughout the map. Antors will protect their nest in large swarms, and quickly respawn once killed. Taking these out should be fairly tricky and will require a bit of planning. The rewards for successfully harvesting them are pretty epic to say the least. Probably needs a nerf, but should make for some interesting chaos for this patch.

Master Patch
We also have a small bugfix patch rolling out to the master branch to fix a few exploits that have come up over the last week. These fixes are also in ItemV2.

Taking away bunny hopping was intended to open up more interesting PVP strategies and gunplay. We haven’t really had time to iterate on gunplay yet to gain said benefit, and support for bringing it back has been fairly one sided. So for at least a couple more patches, I’ve re-enabled bunnyhopping. Jump height is slightly less than it used to be, so it won’t be as easy but should put a higher skill ceiling back into early PVP.

I will look at how it fits into the game in a few weeks when I iterate over the whole of PVP again.

Known Issues
FPS isn’t great in the current build for me at least, its on our radar and we will be getting back to our target perf soon. In the meantime, potato mode should still give plenty of FPS if you are having trouble.

Change Log Experimental
  • Added DartBugs and Antors into game
  • Fixed a bug where other players could appear as if they were emoting when they aren’t
  • EasyAntiCheat version upgrade
  • Reduced crafting time of construction materials
  • Many new creature sounds have been added
  • SendBufferSize can no longer be adjusted on the client
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the in game music playing
  • Added a consumable healing item to handcrafted recipes
  • Aggressive creatures will now drop loot again
  • Fixed a bug that made drills unplaceable
  • Slightly reduced 556 ammo cost
  • Increased scout rifle and AWM equip times
  • Bunnyhopping has been re-enabled
  • Reduced Tendon cost on C4 by half
  • Added asset override feature to SDK ahead of SDK release
  • Reworked localization framework to support Steam Workshop
  • OSX Should now be working again

Change Log Master
  • Improved accuracy of IsInRock check, should result in less false positives
  • SendBufferSize can no longer be adjusted on the client
  • Improved accuracy of trap door / hatch overlap check on close
  • Vehicles now block doors from closing

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