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    Hurtworld :: Dev Update 152

    15 febrero 2019 , by admin

    Hi Hurtworldians! In this weeks dev update we check out some new gear, outline our plans for the next patch and unveil the flagship feature of our first V2 content patch which we’re really excited about: Physics Tethers Check out the full update here:http://hurtworld.com/hurtworld-update-152/ Read more

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    Hotfix Is Live and Of...

    15 febrero 2019 , by admin

    Hey Hurtworldians, We’ve delayed the major content patch until the next wipe (28th Feb, more info on this in our next devblog coming very soon) but have got a hotfix patch with some important bugfixes for you instead. Official servers are also wiping with this patch but community servers can make their own decision as saves are still compatib... Read more

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    Hotfix Is Live!

    11 febrero 2019 , by admin

    Hi Hurtworldians, After a fair bit of chaos over the weekend where all our official servers were hit by a coordinated DDOS attack specifically designed to exploit a vulnerability in the network middle-ware we use, all official servers are back online and immune to the weekends attacks. All servers should be in the same state they were at the start.... Read more

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    Hurtworld :: Hotfix Is...

    6 febrero 2019 , by admin

    Hi Hurtworldians, Tonight we have another critical but unexciting iterative hotfix patch to further work on server performance. This patch focuses heavily on runtime memory allocations reducing garbage collector spikes. This should take a lot of pressure off full servers, hopefully reducing the “rewind/backwards” lag spikes that are cau... Read more

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    Hotfix Is Now Live!

    1 febrero 2019 , by admin

    Hey Hurtworldians, Another hotfix patch for you tonight with more improvements to DDoS protection and performance.We’ve also added some quality of life improvements in the form of a new storage item for heavy slot resources + an inverted pitch control option for Mozzys. We’re also wiping official servers with this patch and community se... Read more

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